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Diabetes Empowerment Program
We combine the services of our ADA recognized Board Certified Physicians with our Certified Diabetes Educators and Dieticians to empower you to utilize medication, nutrition planning and natural lifestyle changes to achieve optimal diabetic control.

We use individualized interventions to optimize diabetes control, including:

  • Titration protocols for diabetes medications
  • Complication prevention strategies
  • Complication treatment modalities
  • Insulin pump training
  • Meter training
  • Basal metabolic rate measurements
  • Individualized Nutrition Plans
  • Personalized physical activity plans
  • Risk factor reduction modalities
  • Diabetic diaries and computerized downloads of most meters
  • 72 hour continuous glucose monitoring
  • Training on new technology such as new insulin delivery systems
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Our Services

We provide:
Comprehensive Diabetes Assessment
Easy to understand practical answers to your diabetes
Prediabetes stage: Take charge to prevent diabetes
We are Your Trusted Partner in Health Care
A Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan Designated Patient-Centered Medical Home
We provide accessible, coordinated, patient centered, culturally effective care. The physicians provide primary care and manage and/or facilitate all aspects of medical care for each patient

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